Saturday, September 20, 2014


Law enforcement officials across our southern border are universal in their warnings: the wide-open border allows not only for the illegal immigration of Latin Americans, but also for the smuggling of drugs, illegal border activity by Mexican drug cartels and covert entry of terrorists into the United States.  Representative Trent Frank from Arizona says, "It is true that we know that ISIS is present in Ciudad Juárez or they were within the last few weeks.  So there's no question that they have designs on trying to come into Arizona."

Once here, any foreigner can travel anywhere undiscovered and with impunity; they don't ask you to identify yourself when you get on a bus.  Forged I.D.'s are a dime a dozen.  They're not going to go to a gun dealer and buy a gun, either; they bring what they need in that aspect with them.   And once here, those Middle Eastern types have hundreds of safe hiding places in Mosques throughout the country.  

Judicial Watch, a respected conservative media website, claims that "Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle borne improvised explosive devices," citing several anonymous "high-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources."  

While many Administration officials are quick to say there is "no credible evidence" to suggest that I.S.I.S. or any other terrorist group has ever crossed the southern border,  copies of the Quran and other evidence of Muslim activity in border areas has been discovered in the past.  And, of course, we have the recent arrest of several persons in Australia who intended to behead innocent citizens in the name of I.S.I.S.... and Australia doesn't let just anybody in.  

To shrug one's shoulders and ignore the danger along our southern border is a gross dereliction of duty on the part of our nation's President and those in the halls of Congress who blindly support his intransigent stance on national security protection of our borders.  They need to be removed from office, and November presents an ideal way to start.    

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Friday, September 19, 2014



While I.S.I.S. threatened to lop off some heads in Australia and has made no bones about wanting to do the same to Americans anywhere in the world, while their ultimate goal is the extinction of democracy and while they are raining terror upon the face of the Middle East, Americans are torn between sitting on their butts in front of the tube and watching it or getting off their butts and going to fight it.  

Our Congress is pussy-footing around the whole I.S.I.S. thing, afraid to call them terrorists, afraid to call it war and afraid to fully commit to the extinction of them and their causes.  We are content to trust the fate of the free world to "doctors, lawyers and pharmacists" and to the Iraqi army which has proven itself to be unreliable at best.  We leave our borders wide open, steadfastly refusing to provide even a physical barrier to an I.S.I.S.invasion on American soil.  Indeed, we are on the verge of bringing "displaced" Syrian Muslims here to live.  

I suppose, if you rationalize it, you could say that not all Syrian Muslims believe in killing Christians and Jews, but you know damned well that this government is not going to discriminate when it starts bringing them here. 

Our President is trying desperately to save the Democratic Party from oblivion in November and is therefore openly attempting to lull us all into a very false sense of security in order to play down the threat.  This attitude from the White House is a definite parallel to the Benghazi coverup before the 2012 election: hide the truth from the American public at all costs. 

And 35% to 45% of this country is buying into the President's program of complacency in the face of terrorism.  

Shame on us.  It's bad enough that we are running our country into economic chaos for decades to come; now, we even turn the backs of our nation on the stark threat of radical terrorism. 

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014



POLITICO is reporting that top Democrats are losing confidence in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as Party Leader.  The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee trivialized the plight of domestic violence victims Wednesday by comparing Republican right-to-work policies with wife-beating.  She has also recently criticized the White House on several occasions.  

Personally, I think they should keep her around as a constant reminder to the rest of the country as to how the Democrat Party thinks and acts.  She is the epitome of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Michelle Obama and Maxine Waters all rolled up into one.  The Democrats should get rid of their jackass mascot and just use her instead. 

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014



They way it looks as a result of yesterday's Congressional hearings is that we're in for another damned-dumb war effort: run by politicians in Washington, with constraints upon  the military and no clear strategy to win.  They even admit that American boots will probably end up on the ground.  That means hundreds, if not thousands, of more casualties in war we will never win. 

Don't get me wrong. I understand that we are not going to effectively deal with the I.S.I.S. threat unless we confront them, and I'd much rather have it happen over there than here.   But, as I've said before many times, war is ugly.  If you have to fight one, you have to fight it with no holds barred, with every asset you have and with convincing determination to win and get out.  

We should be in and out of there in 90 days, leaving behind a non-existent I.S.I.S. and sending a clear message to the world that we mean business.  

They're talking about us being in there for a long time... maybe even a "generation."  I am diametrically opposed to this rerun of American-style, politically managed "war."  Given the direction they're headed in, I vote strongly that we stay the hell out. 

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



We've been so wrapped up with I.S.I.S. and its growing pure-evil lately that we just may be overlooking an even bigger danger... Iran.  

Most Americans don't realize that the influence of Iran extends far beyond its borders and into the entire region, including Syria and Iraq.  Almost no one in that region makes a move without at least running it by the Iranian government first.  That fact has a great deal to do with the reluctance of the regional countries to join the U.S. in a war against I.S.I.S.  Indeed, the way things are sizing up with I.S.I.S. using Syria as a safe haven, I think there is a strong probability that Iran is playing a support role to the terrorists.  

That having been said, what about the continuing progress of Iran toward nuclear weapons?  That factor has been downplayed in recent weeks and months, but the fact is that talks are again at a standstill; and they continue to get closer and closer to the reality of a nuclear weapon.  In fact, I think that the final construction of a nuclear bomb could be much closer than we think... perhaps even imminent. 

Obama has proven himself to be aversive to confrontation and totally inept in the nuances of leadership among nations.  If indeed his perceived weakness has severely decreased America's ability to rally support to deal with I.S.I.S., what level of support can we depend on if we have to deal with Iran? 

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully  submitted. 

Monday, September 15, 2014



Let us digress from the politics of the day and talk about the possibility that aliens from another planet visited this planet centuries ago. 

We are aware that archaeologists discovered ancient skulls from Egypt that are elongated.  The explanation put forth is that the parents would wrap the skulls of infants under the belief that increased cranial capacity would cause increased intelligence.  I could buy that cultural explanation, but there's a problem with it: elongated skulls have been found in Peru, Russia and elsewhere.  How could the "wrapping" theory exist among so many diverse and logistically separated cultures? 

Some limited DNA testing has been done on Peruvian skulls and the initial conclusion is that the DNA consists of "no known DNA."  Granted, there could be a species of human beings from Earth which possessed a DNA previously undiscovered; I cannot rule out that possibility, but I have to again ask: "Why over such a diverse and logistically separated span of the Earth?"  Advanced DNA testing is in the works. 

One of the things that has always puzzled me is why, if we are all descendants from Adam and Eve as the Bible teaches us, why ere there browns, blacks and whites?  The logical conclusion is that browns, blacks and whites are descendants of different genetic beginnings.  Indeed, we know about four different DNA roots originating back to the beginning of human existence.  

Could it be that Earth was inhabited by four, five or more different alien civilizations at one time?  Or, could one alien civilization have created life on Earth in four or more DNA mixtures?  

Nothing I am posing here is in conflict with my fundamental belief in God, the Supreme Being, the Great Spirit.  What I AM posing is that, if ancient aliens ever did exist on this planet, did they leave behind evidence of their existence and are we now beginning to discover it? 

Perhaps, in the search for the answer to that question, we will discover where Obama really came from.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.