Tuesday, April 21, 2015



PATRIOT UPDATE has the following excerpt:  "Barack Obama has spent his entire six years in office demonstrating his preference for Muslims, secular humanists, Europeans, homosexuals, abortionists, and even golf over Christianity. As verified by his former “pastor” Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s only interest in Christianity is how it can help or hurt him politically. Further, President Obama has played a key role in transforming America into a society in which it has become not just acceptable but sporting to discriminate against Christians. Now his feelings are hurt because Christians are critical of him. We aren’t “loving” enough for the thin-skinned president. Imagine that. Apparently the President expects Christians to thank him for helping promote a culture that treats followers of Christ like lepers. Any Christian who is not critical of Barack Obama is either hopelessly out of touch or living in a state of delusion."

There are other trends occurring throughout the world right now, at this very moment, which are pushing and pulling Christians from every angle... Many aspects of our American society tug at Christian conscience, such as the gay movement, the push for legalized abortion and the constant barrage of hammering against Christian ideologies by the press and media.  Abroad, radical Islam in every corner of the world is crushing and butchering Christianity in an overt attempt to eliminate us from the face of the earth.  

In the meanwhile, our American pastors, preachers, fathers and other clergy have been taking a back seat to the goings on around them, being silent and complacent to the growing and harrowing threats to their parishioners.  This dichotomy of  views toward Christianity, one of complacency and the other of outright oppression, is setting up an inevitable conflict which will embroil the very foundations of belief in the Christian God.  

I've always believed that, once you sense oncoming conflict, you should become proactive and ready yourself to deal with it.  It's time we got ready to rumble.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Monday, April 20, 2015


The SHASTA LANTERN of Redding, California, is reporting on a showdown brewing near Grants Pass, Oregon between the illustrious Bureau of Land Management and a group of gold miners.  "The property in question, the Sugar Pine Mining Claim, has existed as a rightful claim since 1876 and is one of the oldest claims in the country.  Reportedly late this week, BLM officials accompanied by deputies of Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel issued a Cease and Desist order to the mine and it’s owners. The order has given the miners until April 25th to remove all equipment, buildings and supplies from the mine. It has been reported local BLM officials have threatened to burn the buildings down if they are not removed by the date."

Claims in the area, including the Sugar Pine Mine, have been operating for decades... as far back as the early 1870's.  The mining district has produced in excess of 10 million ounces of gold since its inception, and geologists estimate that only 10% of the gold in the ground has been removed.  The rights are well-settled and can be taken only through a special process under a 1955 federal act.  Although the miners have contested BLM actions citing this Act, the BLM is stonewalling and claiming they can evict the miners at will.  

"Although they hope to resolve this issue legally and properly through the courts the people in this district have stated that they will fully disobey an order they view as illegal and invalid. A call has been issued for assistance from the Oath Keeper’s and other State Militia groups. According to conversations had by the Lantern with locals on the ground those calls are being honored. Due to the weekend the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office, BLM and and the Oregon Governors office has been unreachable for comment. We hope to bring you an update on their responses early Monday morning,"[this morning].  

Under the Obama Administration, federal agencies have been riding roughshod over Americans akin to a gang of Al Capone mobsters or Jesse James outlaws.  It appears to me that the nation is on the very edge of government tyranny.  

And they want us to give up our guns?  This type of bullshit has to stop.

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Obama went after Congress and in particular the Senate yesterday, thundering an irate "Enough!" over the Senate's refusal so far to confirm Obama's nomination of Loretta Lynch as the new Attorney General. 

Which begs the question: Does that mean he's ready to resign?  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Friday, April 17, 2015



Come on, all of you Christians; get over it.  Jesus has been dead for 2,000 years.  Don't you think it's time you quit mentioning him as being one of the reasons for your so-called "Christian values?"  
  • Military Chaplains are being reprimanded for speaking explicitly about Jesus and the Bible.
  • Christians are sued when they attempt to live out their biblically based values.
  • The President scolds Christians for not “celebrating” perverse lifestyle choices which contradict scripture.
  • A Fire Chief was suspended merely because a book he wrote espoused biblical values.
  • And a motivational speaker is fired for mentioning Jesus in a combatting stress speech to High School students in Texas. 
Get the picture?  Being a Christian is soooo... yesterday.  

Get with the program.  Being Muslim is cool.  It's time to shed your archaic ways. 

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, sarcastically submitted.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015



They have their own lives, you know.  Their country has its own political and religious pressures; America is not the only nation on the face of the Earth.  So, cut those guys some slack and try to see things from their side.  

Never mind that those pesky Iranians are exporting terrorism to all corners of the world; it's in their heritage, their culture.  Sure they lie and scheme, but so do we; take Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Company for example.  And those guys have been at it for thousands of years, whereas America has only been around for about 400 years.  I mean, where do we get off trying to tell those guys how to run their country, anyway? 

So, pay attention to Obama and Kerry will you?  Show Iran some genuine "down home" patience and understanding. 

You DO know where that will get us, don't you?  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Now, after John Kerry has met privately with Congressional Democrats to espouse the Obama position on the Iranian nuclear "deal,"and now that he has twisted their arms expecting them to do as Obama dictates, the question arises as to whether or not they will stand behind Americans and override the president's calculated veto of probable Congressional legislation to provide for the right of review of the "deal," or whether they will conspire to let Obama's veto stand.  

We know that Russia is now going ahead with sales of ground-to-air missiles to Iran, making it more difficult if not impossible for the U.S. and/or Israel to attack Iranian nuclear sites when the "deal" falls apart and Iran proceeds to assemble its first nuke.  That fact alone makes the cheese more binding.  And, of course, we know that Iran's nuclear prospects are bound to start a nuclear arms race among Middle East countries.  

Simply put, we cannot allow Iran to have nukes. 

Given this scenario, do you suppose the Democrats will side with Obama, or American security interests?  

If the Democrats side with Obama and allow his veto of the Congressional legislation to stand, then history will judge them as being complicit in allowing Iran to advance its nuclear agenda.  I have to ask: Is there even an ounce of good conscience and American patriotism left in any of their souls? 

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.