Friday, July 01, 2016



They would have you believe that it was just a "chance meeting" and that they simply just "bumped into each other" at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix... just like two people sashaying across a street in downtown Waco, Texas.  You know the scene... a startled "Howdy there, Loretta!"  followed by an adjournment to the sidewalk for gossip, family talk and golf stories.  

Well, you have to remember that Bill is the former president, the husband of the Democrat Party presumptive nominee and he has a security detail.  Loretta, there on her own plane, had her own security detail.  So, they didn't just "bump into each other."  And, under the circumstances, you don't just climb out of your own plane, trot across the tarmac and up the steps into the other plane; you'd be out in the open and your security people wouldn't allow that to happen.  So, there had to be a dance-caller for this square dance do-si-do... someone to make all of the arrangements and call out all of the moves.  

After all of this fuss, when one has to presume that both participants had places to go and to be on time, they sat down for a 30-minute or so chit chat about nothing in particular... small talk.  Thirty minutes of small talk on a Phoenix tarmac in the 122 degree sun; one would wonder why they didn't slip into a private room in the airport hub where they could enjoy some Long Island iced-tea during the chit chat. Or, perhaps they could have touched base on their cell phones and avoided all of the hassle, or maybe they were afraid somebody might be listening in to their chit chat?  

Well, you know as well as I do that the F.B.I. is due to make its recommendation about what to do with Hillary's legal messes soon.  And, of course, there was that pesky Benghazi report coming out from Congress.  Never mind that Loretta will end up being the chief decision maker about all of this or that Bill is Hillary's husband and the former president who owes Hillary big-time for standing by him during his White House dalliances.... He wouldn't even think of asking Loretta to let Hillary off the hook and, of course, she wouldn't have entertained the discussion in the first place.  

After all, they had grand-kids to talk about and we all know what the real priorities in life are... don't we?   

Have a nice holiday.  I'll be back Tuesday... smelling like hot dogs, beer and skeptical pie.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016



Our first Declaration of Independence was on July 4, 1776.  The thirteen American colonies were livid over the oppressive and condescending British rule and taxes.  The second Declaration of Independence is likely to occur on November 8, 2016 when Americans go to the election polls to select a president, Congressional Representatives and United States Senators.  We also are sick and tired of condescending attitudes, oppressive rule and unconscionable taxes.  

We're ticked off with wide-open borders that allow criminals, terrorists and illegals easy access to our country.  We're ticked off with a president who gives mere lip service to the war on terrorism, who incessantly lies about everything and who violates our rights and our Constitution.  We're sick and tired of a Congress that allows him to run roughshod over our country and we're sick and tired of being told to sit down and shut up.  

The day of our second Declaration of Independence is coming.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.   

Wednesday, June 29, 2016



Barack Hussein Obama's attorney has been quick to say that Obama will not answer any questions about the Benghazi findings because he doesn't have to.  Deputy press secretary Eric Schultz said photographs of Obama receiving a press briefing the night of the attack is proof enough the president did all he could. Schultz accused Republicans of conducting a tireless effort based on “conspiracy theories.  Republicans have been investigating this exhaustively, and with each turn of the crank, they are unable to prove to the wild conspiracy theories they have been proffering for years.”

For her part, Hillary refused to answer any questions and told the press to forget it, it's history and to get out of here.  The press and media were quick to downplay Clinton's involvement, insisting that Obama and his administration were responsible.  Although Clinton was in on the phony blaming of the attack on a You Tube video, although she has been caught in lying about when she knew it wasn't the video, and although she was complicit in denying adequate security to the Benghazi compound, the press and the media glossed over those details.  

I wonder how those four dead men feel about how this has all been dealt with.  

Are you still voting for Hillary?  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016



This is the sixth in a series of revelations about how the Clintons have failed Americans time after time over the years.  In this case, Bill is said to have issued presidential pardons by the handful in exchange for political donations.  

At the outset, I have to address F.B.I. Director James Comey and the assertions by countless members of the Washington establishment that he is beyond reproach and the "best man" for the job of investigating Clinton's Emails and the Clinton Foundation   For what it is worth, Comey was assigned to investigate "Pardongate" in the aftermath of Bill Clinton's final day in office when he pardoned dozens of people.  Comey found "no illegality" on Clinton's part.  Is that what we are looking forward to again?  

Here's the skinny on "Pardongate:"

How much more of this kind of conduct does America really want to sanction?  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.  

Monday, June 27, 2016



This is the fifth in a series on  the Clinton scandals.  This one is growing bigger by the moment.  

1. The Benghazi Massacre led to investigations by Congress, as well as a cursory examination by the Department of Justice which concluded there was no wrong doing.  In the course of its investigations, it became well-known that Hillary had steadfastly refused to use Department of State internet communications channels when she was Secretary of State and had, in fact, shoved all such communications through her privately owned and lightly-secured server.  The question was: why would she spend her own money to do that and why did she not want to use approved D.O.S. channels?  The only logical answer was that she had something to hide.  

2.  When caught, Hillary denied using the private server for any official communications, saying that it was used only for "personal" communications.  Accordingly, she flatly denied any access to her server by any and all investigators.   

3.  When legal decisions forced her to open up access to her server and when it was discovered that she did indeed have official government emails on her server, she refused to allow anyone to see them.  She then said she personally went through each and every email and determined which ones were personal and which ones were official and that she deleted all of her personal ones.  Around the same time, the State Department revealed that internal copies of official emails sent to and from Clinton had mysteriously disappeared.  

4.  Copies of emails sent back and forth were eventually "discovered."  The government grabbed her server and started investigating not only what was on it, but what had been erased.  Someone suggested that a lot of her official emails had to be classified and that her use of her personal server was therefore a violation of national security regulations.  She was quick to retort that there were not... were NOT... any classified emails on her server.   

5.  Investigators found classified emails on her server and she amended her statement to say that she never sent or received any emails that were "marked" classified.  It turns out that some were marked classified and that some others had had their classification removed.  Others were classified on their face because of the nature of their content.  Right now, they don't know who did that.  

6.  The lid then blew off the Clinton Foundation, established by Bill and Hillary ostensibly to take in donations and help the poor and disadvantaged around the world.  It became apparent that Bill was making speeches in return for ludicrous sums of money that were paid into the Foundation totaling "hundreds of millions" of dollars. of which only 11-12% has ever been spent helping the poor or disadvantaged.  The rest has been eaten up in "administrative costs," including Bill and Hillary's travel expenses.  

7.  Someone asked the inevitable question: what are these governments, these corporations and individuals who are contributing to the Foundation going to get in return?  Certainly, a 30-minute speech by Bill isn't worth $500,000, is it?  Could it be, someone had to audacity to suggest, that Hillary was using her position at the State Department to grant these "donors" some big-time favors? 

8.  So, they started to look into that and while they were doing so,  allegations surfaced that Hillary's email wasn't all that secure and that the Russians, Chinese and Romanians probably had acquired every tidbit of information or emails that had ever gone through her server.  Hillary suggested that her server was more secure than the government servers at State.  Well, dammit... security on her site was totally shut off for weeks while they investigated "software conflicts."  Was she deliberately allowing the Russians, Chinese and others to acquire information on her server?  Was that the "payback" or one of the "paybacks?"  

9.  There were many stories, one about how the Russians donated huge amounts to the Foundation and that Hillary subsequently approved the acquisition of hoards of uranium stockpiles in the U.S. by... the Russians.  Could it be that the real purpose of the private server was to allow for and hide communications about speeches, donations and Clinton favors?  

10.  One might assume that some of these "donors" would like direct access to Hillary herself.  Would her calendar of State Department meetings tie in to any of those "donations?"  Alas, it turns out that someone... we don't have the slightest idea who... scrubbed the calendar almost clean.  All of the sudden, no one knows who she met with, about what, when or even what decisions might have been made.  

Could it really be that she was selling national secrets and granting political and governmental favors in return for money?  Is that the reason for the server?  

The sad part is that we might never know the answers.  Obama has endorsed her for president.  The F.B.I. has yet to come forth with any findings and insists that it won't until it is damned good and ready.  That could be after the election when, if she wins, she could legally pardon herself.  

Stay tuned.  This one is nasty and getting nastier by the minute.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016


The House Democrats demonstrated earlier this week that when it comes to terrorism in this country, they have their heads up their buns; they staged a sandbox sit-down over the issue of gun control.   In other words, their answer to terrorism in this country is to disarm the citizens and to do so in such a way that there is no right to the "offender" for due process.  

We all know what the cause of Fort Hood was, and the same for San Bernardino, Boston and Orlando.  It wasn't guns, it was terrorism.  But, Obama and the Democrats immediately downplayed the root cause... radical Islamic terrorism... and lashed out at law-abiding gun owners in the country.   In California, the Democrats have decided that citizens will no longer be able to have concealed weapons permits unless they can prove they are in imminent danger and they are bound and determined to make a law out of that; yet, not one concealed permit holder in the state has ever committed a crime using a gun.  

They're not afraid of terrorists, but they are afraid of law-abiding citizens?  

It's this kind of bullshit thinking that has the country very angry with politicians and why the November elections are destined to be a jolt to progressive left-wing politics in this country.  When it comes to political correctness, elitism, condescension and politicians in general, we're sick and tired of dumb.  

We're at our wit's end over terrorism in this country and we want it stopped.  Anyone who gets in the way of this movement is going to get run over and pounded into the pavement.  

Why in hell are they not protesting in the halls of Congress about that?  The only logical conclusion is that they're okay with these terrorist attacks.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.