Wednesday, October 26, 2016



Obama was propelled into office because he was a handsome, well-educated Black.  The nation was enamored with everything that description encompassed.  Eight years down the road and we don't care what color he is, how well he speaks, how persuasive he seems to be... we know that he is the worst president this country has ever had and we're kicking ourselves in the fanny.  

Trump is abrasive.  He's temperamental.  Clinton is a well-spoken woman and she'll be the first woman president if elected.  

Are we about to fall into the same trap again?  Or, shouldn't we be looking at actual ability, actual history, actual proposed policy?

Is this nation really as dumb as she says?  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016



Members of the National Guard are complaining that they are being asked by the military to pay back signing bonuses they received some ten years ago, just before they headed for the Middle East.  

Lawmakers, the press, the media... Americans in general are extremely upset over it, but I'm not.  Here's the way I see it:  The government has peed all over the American public by allowing Hillary Clinton, the FBI, the DOJ and the White House to subvert the law.  When she should be on her way to a federal penitentiary, she's running for president.  

So, if we're going to allow our government to piss on our laws and piss on us, why shouldn't we allow the government to piss on our military heroes?   

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Monday, October 24, 2016



Since everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and telling Trump the billionaire how to succeed, I thought I should join the chorus.  I'm sure he'll take my advice, because it's sound advice coming from an American who has his best interests at heart.  

You see, we all want a change from this corruption that has permeated Washington.  We want an end to our national security threats, we want a solid and reasonable immigration policy, we want a growing economy, we want jobs and we want a leader who is willing and able to clean house.  Trump sends those messages out, but what he has to say gets lost in the thunderous claptrap rhetoric of the Clinton Machine.  The Hillary zombies, (they'll scream when I call them that, although they cheered when Hillary called us "deplorables"), are so busy parading around like she's the Queen of Sheba that they aren't getting Trump's message. 

So here's the pitch.  Trump needs to hold a press conference and make about a focused five-minute statement outlining what is wrong with the items I mentioned above, how those things are killing our country and what he intends to do about it.  Five minutes, that's it.  He then needs a closer, short and to the point: we need to work together to make things happen.  To accomplish what must be done, he needs your vote and your support.  Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.  Please... stand by him and help him.  

That's it.  No questions, get off the stage.  

In this manner, he gets past the debate scenario.  He muscles past the media slants and coverups.  He speaks directly to all of us, deplorable and zombie alike.  And maybe, just maybe, he'll get his message out.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.  

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Here we are at this point in our history... basically in a trap.  There was a day in my memory when we could park our cars in the driveway unlocked and with the keys in the ignition and not be worried about someone stealing it.  There was a day when we slept with our windows open and just the front screen door between us and the outside world.  We trusted each other and took each other at our words.  We cared about our neighbors and community and life was frankly... well... wholesome. 

Our federal government took care of protecting us and our states took care of the rest of the major things which affected our lives.  Everyone, regardless of political persuasion, was on the same team... the American team.  We all worked together to make our country not only the best country in the world, but even better; we may have had different philosophical differences in how to get there, but we all agreed that we had to get there and that was our common goal.  

Today, it's F you and if you don't like it... up yours.  It's my way or the highway.  We can't trust anything said or promised unless it's reduced to writing, signed and notarized.  And if we're sleeping with our home alarms unset and our guns not on the nightstand, we're asking for it.  

We don't care if babies are murdered near their delivery dates, but we do care if a convicted murderer gets sentenced to death.  We don't care if our politicians are crooked and not doing the jobs we elected them to do; we have two of the worst presidential candidates this country has ever had... and we don't care.  In fact, we're on the very verge of electing a crook and liar and we know it.  Well, we reason, what's the alternative? 

What happened and just who are we?  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.  

Friday, October 21, 2016



There seems to be much ado about the fact that Trump has refused to say he will concede and support Hillary if she wins.  It seems to me like it was yesterday when 16 other Republican candidates promised to support Trump if he won the Republican nomination.  He won.  How many backed down from their promises?  

If Hillary does win, it will be the worst day in the history of this country.  And you expect Trump to be happy about that?  

I only wish I could vote three times like all of those newly-registered illegal Democrats can.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016



The headline is not intended to be a play off of  Madonna's pledge to give every man who votes for Clinton a blow job.  Rather, Hillary spent far more time avoiding answering Chris Wallace's direct questions than Trump; in fact, Trump did the best job of addressing questions than he did in the previous two debates.  And she ignored, several times, Wallace's imposition of time constraints and kept right on controlling the microphone over Wallace's protestations.  

Finally, as my initial reaction to the debate, Trump brought WikiLeaks into the dialogue in the first part of the debate and Hillary never addressed or rebuked the charges being made by Julian Assange, but chose to ignore them and to try and steer the conversation to a supposed Russian conspiracy to help Trump win.  I think even the most casual observer would agree that the last person on the face of the earth Putin wants in the White House is Donald Trump. 

Trump did not take Hillary's baited barbs as he did in the first two debates and managed to control himself in the face of Hillary's relentless lies and spins.  At first, I felt he had made a strategic mistake when he allowed Hillary to deflect on the WikiLeaks issue.  Late in the debate, with about ten minutes to go,  I thought he was going to force her to the ropes when he started hammering on things she had done wrong.  

When you look at it from a purely debate standpoint, Trump won.   When you factor in her lies, spins and evasions, as well as her maneuvers with trying to hog the microphone, she seemed to lose the evening from an emotional standpoint as well.  

One thing we know for certain: it doesn't bother her at all to abort a fetus on the day of or the day before birth.  That is murder by any definition of the word.  Just think of what she's going to do to her enemies... us, the deplorables.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.