Tuesday, December 01, 2015



Here's the text of Obama's message about the Colorado Springs shooting spree:  

"The last thing Americans should have to do, over the holidays or any day, is comfort the families of people killed by gun violence – people who woke up in the morning and bid their loved ones goodbye with no idea it would be for the last time.

"And yet, two days after Thanksgiving, that’s what we are forced to do again.

"We don’t yet know what this particular gunman’s so-called motive was for shooting 12 people, or for terrorizing an entire community, when he opened fire with an assault weapon and took hostages at a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado. What we do know is that he killed a cop in the line of duty, along with two of the citizens that police officer was trying to protect. We know that law enforcement saved lives, as so many of them do every day, all across America. And we know that more Americans and their families had fear forced upon them.

"This is not normal. We can’t let it become normal. If we truly care about this – if we’re going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience — then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough.

"May God bless officer Garrett Swasey and the Americans he tried to save – and may He grant the rest of us the courage to do the same thing."

Your speech, Baracko, is berserko.  

For years now you have been saying that you want MY guns.  I've had guns all of my life and I've yet to shoot a single soul.  The only reason you want MY guns is that you want to disarm me.  You want to disarm me so you can control me and take my liberties away from me... or have your radical Muslim buddies do it for you.  

Otherwise, I would presume that a man of your superior intellect and your prestigious university degrees would have come up with a solution to the REAL problem about guns... allowing them into the hands of criminals and crackpots.  

So, Barcko, you can say what you want about not wanting to confiscate our guns; your actions, or lack thereof, speak for themselves.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.  

Monday, November 30, 2015



Obama is off to Paris for his treasured climate change summit and the I.S.I.S. and Al Qaeda terrorists are shuddering in fear of this powerful rebuke.  Is it possible that the Nobel Prince of Peace could waive his hands in the air and the earth would open up and swallow the terrorists?  

Well, that may sound a tad facetious, especially when you consider that Obama's real war is on global warming.  One of these days, he just might wake up and realize that the heat emanating from the guns, bombs and cannons of the terrorists are probably contributing to "global warming."  If that ever happens, you can bet that he'll finally send in the storm troopers to kill off those terrorists.  That's the only reason he'll ever get serious with his Muslim buddies in the terrorist training camps.  

They're starting to call him names: delirious comes to mind.  Frankly, I think he has become a lunatic.  Maybe he's planning on moving to Syria after he leaves office and that's the real reason that he wants to bring the Syrian terrorists to the United States?  One thing is for certain: his presidency has become downright preposterous... absurd... maniacal.  And that's being polite about it.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.    

Thursday, November 26, 2015



Wednesday, November 25, 2015



I never thought that I would see our country in this position in my lifetime.  But, here we are.  

It is apparent that our nation needs to formally declare war against terrorism, to legally wrestle control of our military from Obama to give wartime powers to the Pentagon.  

Obama does not have the ability, for whatever reason, to be in charge of our national security for even one more hour.  

In order to accomplish what we must do, we citizens may first have to declare war against our "president." 

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015



Some 82 individuals in the United States have been interdicted by federal agents as part of ISIS plots, according to a database compiled by Threat Knowledge Group.  Also, some 250 more have attempted to join ISIS.  Syrians, headed to the U.S. with fake passports have been stopped in Honduras.  More Syrians made it to the Mexican border; how many were able to sneak across without being caught is unknown, but what IS known is this:  

Some 150 passengers on a flight from Mexico to JFK Airport were misdirected and allowed to leave the airport without going through customs, where they would have to show passports or visas and have their luggage searched.  It is not known at the time of writing this post where those 150 passengers originated or what their nationalities were.  

Your president has made it clear: He doesn't care what you or I or the vast majority of other Americans think or want: he's bringing Syrian refugees into the country and he is lying... lying... (I'll say it again..." LYING when he tells you they have been vetted.  Virtually every top national law enforcement agency has come out and admitted, there is NO way that these refugees can be vetted.  

Obviously, there is no national security.  

Have a Happy and, hopefully, safe Thanksgiving.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.  

Monday, November 23, 2015



Once again in the aftermath of terrorism gone amok, we hear the matter-of-fact statement that we'd better get used to it... that we're going to have not only one, but continuous attacks of these types right here in the United States.  


If this president, or any other president for that matter settles for that measure as his standard of national security in America, there is going to be hell to pay.  

It's not going to be pretty when we citizens stand up and take matters into our own hands. 

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.