Monday, November 20, 2017


It's hard to believe it, but it's been a year since we had the 2016 elections and virtually nothing has changed in Washington.  We turned out a whole lot of both Democrats and Republicans and the remainders still haven't gotten the message.  We have leaders in both Houses of Congress and in both parties who haven't don't one damned thing for this country in 25 or 30 years.  If they're the leaders, what can we expect the rest to do?  

Well, we're obviously not through yet.  It's going to have to be another rout in 2018.  The Democrats and the media would have us believe the Democrats are going to win back the House and the Senate because we're ticked off at the Republicans; the Republicans would have us believe that they're going to gain super-majorities in both Houses of Congress because the Democrats are being downright obstructionists.  The truth here is that they are both right... and they're all going to get the boot.  

We need fresh blood in Washington... men and women who are not willing to sell out their country and their souls for their own political power.  We got rid of a third of them in 2016; let's get another third in 2018.  Take no prisoners.  Throw them out and bury them in their own stupidity.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Friday, November 17, 2017


One of the major problems that the Democrats having been fighting tooth and nail is the effect of voter fraud.  Yes, there has been rampant voter fraud; you know it, I know it and even the Russians know it.  But, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats have been adamantly against even the requirement of valid identification at the polls.  

You may think we have until 2020 to get our acts together on this issue, but if just two or three Senatorial seats can be switched from Republican to Democrat in 2018, that will greatly alter the balance of power within Congress, thereby affecting everything coming out of Washington government.  

The Supreme Court will soon hear arguments as to whether or not states have the right to clean up their own registration rolls.  At issue is the number of dead people still on election rolls, the number of people registered in two or more states because they've moved, the number of people registered two or three times and similar problems which muddy the integrity of our election systems.  

Our country is being infiltrated by thousands of illegals and other non-citizens who have no right to vote in our elections.  Yet, evidence seems to suggest that many of them have, in fact, already voted in one or more elections.  It is patently unfair and unconstitutional; it is also clear that, unless we scream bloody murder from the tops of our lungs, nothing is going to get done about it.   

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 


Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Mitch McConnell professes to be an American and he pretends to be a Republican.  He is neither.  

McConnell has been doing everything he can, both openly and surreptitiously, to sabotage and undermine Trump's Presidency.  He has, for example, collaborated with Paul Ryan and other members of the Washington Establishment to sink Trump's plans for ditching ObamaCare, just as they are now working to torpedo any meaningful tax reform.   They don't seem to give a damn what the American people want, as signified by their votes last November.  

Now, the jackass from Kentucky has announced that Judge Roy Moore from Alabama is guilty of sexual misconduct which allegedly occurred 40 years ago, although no accusations were ever made, no charges were ever filed and no trial has ever been held.  

How un-American can you get?  

In the same breath, Republicans of the same ilk are saying that Luther Strange should be Alabama's Senatorial  nominee, although he lost in the runoffs. They and their friends should pack their bags and go shack up with Hillary Clinton and her corrupt miscreant hussies.  

Or, maybe it's time we Americans had another belligerent uprising?  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Monday, November 13, 2017


One of the questions we always ask each other when we're sitting around in a real conversation, especially now since none of us are watching NFL games anymore, is: "What is happening to our country, and when did it start?"  Then you hear, "When the liberals invaded U.C. Berkeley," "When Reagan left office," and "With the invention of television."  After some jawboning over those possibilities, someone invariably comes up with, "When we got rid of the draft."

You know, when you really analyze the way things were back in the days when we had patriotism in this country, and the way they are now, I think getting rid of the draft is when it all started.   Up to that point, every male 18 and over was eligible to be drafted into the U.S. Army.  There were some deferments, such as physical disabilities, and late in the game just before the draft was eliminated, they allowed an educational deferment if you were going to college.  But, by and large, every male had his name on a list and his name could be drawn by the local draft board and he'd be off to two years of mandatory U.S. Army duty.  If you wanted to join the Marines, Navy, Coast Guard or Air Force for four years, you could do that but you had to do it before you got drafted.

Once you got into the military, you learned how to take orders, what the Uniform Code of Military Justice was all about, how to take apart a carbine and clean it, how to spit shine a pair of brogans, and what being an American was all about.   Once out of the military, you had become a man who could be called upon again to serve if the country ever needed you... and you'd have experience.  These days, young men without that experience don't know how to shine boots, don't know how to take orders, don't have the slightest idea of how to shoot a gun and they don't know what America is all about.  

We should all be required to give two years of service to our country.   All men and women, regardless of disability or educational status, should be required to give service to their country.  That doesn't necessarily have to be in the military; it could be in the Peace Corps, for example.  There are plenty of jobs people with disabilities can do to support the rest of the mission, unless they have a severe mental handicap in which case they can go to Washington and serve in Congress.  And in the process, everyone learns a trade they can use when their required service is over. 

Moreover, everyone learns what it is to be an American.   

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Wednesday, November 08, 2017


Imagine you are hunting and camping in the woods where state law prohibits the killing of wolves.  Along comes a pack of wolves and begins attacking your 12-year-old son.  Do you: (a) consult your hunting guidebook to see if it covers the situation; (b) drive down the trail to the nearest place where you can get a cell phone signal and call for instructions, (c) start shooting wolves? 

The House of representatives passed a bill in July preventing the Veterans Affairs from using dogs for painful or stressful procedures in medical research, even when the animals are sedated.  The VA argues that such research is necessary to advance care for our wounded warriors and proponents of the legislation insist such experiments are cruel. 

Now, I have almost always had a dog for a pet.  I have one now; he's a Schnauzer and the love of my life.   It would be an upsetting decision for me to make, but if it came right down to it and such a procedure on my dog might lead to the cure of a life-threatening medical problem for humans, I'd certainly go for it.  There are certain priorities in life, but human life is the second-highest; number one is God and the Divine Order of things.   

As we learn more about our own existence, we certainly have to suspect that there may a higher order of life in the universe from whence we came, and that we have been visited by aliens over the centuries and that... yes, they've taken us aboard space ships and done experiments on us.  If we couldn't dissect frogs or examine butterflies, how could we ever learn what makes life tick?  How could we search for cancer cures? 

In the same breath that these idiots tell us such experiments are cruel, most of them would not hesitate to abort human fetuses so they could sell the embryonic tissues for stem-cell research and the like.  

That's MY AMERICAN OPINION, respectfully submitted.